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Debugging in Visual Studio

Sometime to debug an web application in Visual Studio, you need to run as Administrator user or for other user. For more info read:

Start SQL Service from Command Line

Sometime open Microsoft SQL Server Studio on local machine, it cannot open the local databases instance, instead of using the GUI, using the command line must more quicker. net start SQLSERVERAGENT For more info, see

Northwind Sample DB Script is not work on SQL 2014

Comment out the line #24-25 in file  "SQL Server 2000 Sample Databases\instnwnd.sql" sp_dboption removed after SQL 2012 -- exec sp_dboption 'Northwind','trunc. log on chkpt.','true' => ALTER DATABASE Northwind SET RECOVERY SIMPLE -- exec sp_dboption 'Northwind','select into/bulkcopy','true' => ALTER DATABASE Northwind SET RECOVERY BULK_LOGGED Referenece: