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Claim your free 25GB skydrive now

If you have Hotmail account, you should claim your free 25GB now. Today, Microsoft released the new SkyDrive apps gives you automatic access to your files across PCs, Macs, iPad and mobile. The drawback, Microsoft reduced the free 25GB to 7GB. For existing Skydrive customers, you must claim 25GB now or your account will be reduce to 7GB. Microsoft notified you your SkyDrive free storage is changing. Take action Now, I can keep my free 25GB storage

How to rename multiple files in Ubuntu?

Using the rename command and Perl expression. In the terminal: To rename all upper case file names with extension .JPG to lower case Test first. rename -n 'y/A-Z/a-z/' *.JPG Execute and show the operation. rename -v 'y/A-Z/a-z/' *.JPG To remove all colon character out of of the file name: rename -vn 's/[:]//g' * To remove all non-alphanumeric characters: rename -vn 's/[^A-Za-z0-9._]//g' * For more inforation, type 'man rename'

Compare Family Cell Phone Plans

Buy your own device without contract or a discount cell phone with 2 years contract, which one is better? Let compare three contract plans from big three against T-Mobile Value Plan Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Assume all five lines in a family account using smart phones as of April 15, 2012 For 4G Android smart phones Verizon Wireless AT&T Wireless Sprint T-Mobile Value Plan Monthly $279.95 (1) $229.96 (2) $239.96 (3) $124.98 (4) 2 Years $6,718.80 $5,519.04 $5,759.04 $2,999.52 Activation Fee $175.00 $180.00 $0.00 (5) $175.00 Cell Phones $999.95 (6) $499.95 (7) $0.00 (8) $2,999.95 (9) Est. Sales Tax $251.87 $174.35 $266.00 $232.50 Total Cost $8,425.57 $6603.3 $6,265.00 $6,299.45 Compare with T-Mobile $2,126.12 $303.85 -$34.45 Notes: (1)Verizon Nationwide Family Share Plan: 700 minutes. Unlimited text. 4GB data per line. (2)AT&T Nation 700 FamilyTalk w/Rollover® Minutes. Unlimited Calling and Messaging to or from any Mobile in the U.S. DataPlus 300MB for Smartphone 4G LTE. (3)S