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Failed to load

Here is the solution for error message 'Failed to load' when launch Android Virtual Device (AVD) from Android Studio 0.2 on Ubuntu 13.04 32 bit: Install 'Free Implementation of the OpenGL API-GLX development files' (libgl1-mesa-dev) package from Ubuntu Software Center or type this command at terminal sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dev Credit:

C# Questions and Answers – Part 3

What is an anonymous class? An anonymous class is a class that does not have a name. An anonymous class created by using the new keyword and and a pair of brace defining the fields and values. How to prevent a calculation overflowed in C#? Use checked keyword. For example: checked (operand1 + operand2); checked and unchecked keyworks are for integer arithmetic such as int and long What is a partial class? When we split a number of methods, fields, and constructors of a class into many files, we can use partial keyword. Previous posts: C# Questions and Answers C# Questions and Answers – Part 2 C# Questions and Answers – Part 3