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Git on Microsoft Windows

For source code control, I used StarTeam and Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. Now, I would like to phase out Microsot Visual SourceSafe to use an Open Source source code control. After some research, I pick Git instead of Subversion SVN. CVS was out-of-date. Many well known companies, orgranizations using Git. I would like to put a Git repository on Microsoft Windows Server that can access by Git client on Windows and Ubuntu. How? Setting Up Git Repository on Remote Windows Server? Hosting Git Repository in Windows An Illustrated Guide to Git on Windows What is the Best Git GUI (Client) for Windows? Git For Windows Developers – Git Series – Part 1

How to install thinkorswim Software in Ubuntu 11.04

1. Make sure you have Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Sun Java Development Kit installed on your machine. If not, using Ubuntu Software Center, search for sun java, to install sun-java6-jre or sun-java6-jdk 2. Download 3. Change the to execute mode 4. Install to your home folder /home/username/opt/thinkTDA