Sunday, November 25, 2012

How to Open the HTML File in Plain Text Mode Using TextEdit

Open the HTML file using TextEdit in Mac/OS will render it in the rich text format by defaut. If you would like to view the HTML tags or edit it by typing your own HTML statements, you need to open it in plain text format. To open in plain text form:
  1. Click on Preferences
  2. Select the Open and Save
  3. Click on 'Ignore rich text commands in HTML files

 This is why many developers prefer to use gedit from GNOME as a text editor

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Visual Studio 2010 Keyboard Shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts are helpful. Some of them are not document in Visual Studio 2010 Express, for example:
<Ctrl> F5 to run the application without debug
<Ctrl> Period or <Ctrl> Space for code completion.
<Ctr> <Shift> <B> to build the solution

For more download the Visual Studio 2010 Keybinding Posters from Microsoft.

Credit: Visual Studio 2010 Keyboard Shortcuts - ScottGu's Blog

DevCurry: 30 Favorite Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

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