Sunday, February 23, 2020

Cybersecurity Tips

* Stop and Think.
* Don't click. Copy and paste a link into web browser.
* Research first.
* Lock your computer, cellphone when you're away.
* Backup before make any change, on daily, and weekly.
* Using KeePass or KeePassXC on Mac for password manager.
* 7-Zip or Keka for macOS file archiver
* Write it down. Pen and paper are good.
* Email with plain text mode.
* Airplane mode if not in use.
* Power off if not in use.
* Install only necessary app.
* Uninstall if no longer need.
* Use CerUtil or gpg to verify the integrity of downloaded file.
Before installing, you should always verify that your download matches
the signature that is published alongside the release package!
* Use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) if provide.
* Keep it simple.