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Android Programming Tutorial Videos

I would like to share some great videos about Android development. Androidology by Android Developers Marakana: Android Bootcamp Series 2012 Video Tutorials,1017/index.html Android Bootcamp Training by Marakana TechTV playlist?list= PLE953C0B85B50AB62&feature= plcp Episodes of xtensivearts: Android Video Tutorials & Training TheNewBoston - Android Application Development by ChangingTheUnknown playlist?list= PL34F010EEF9D45FB8 200 Videos Android Application Development php?cat=6 mybringback Series: Android Basics series/android-basics/ mybringback Series: Android Basics series/android-finishing- touches/

How to Fix Error "The processing instruction target matching ... "

When I imported the example Android application FragmentsBasics into Eclipse IDE, I got this error message: " The processing instruction target matching "[xX][mM][lL]" is not allowed. " Solution: Open the AndroidManifest.xml and other XML files to move this line <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> to the top. The first line of XML file cannot be the comment line.

Is Windows Phone third place?

Few days ago, I read " Windows Phone:  Surprisingly Easy to Develop For " written by Dino Esposito on April 02, 2012 on Dr. Dobb's From a consumer's viewpoint, Windows Phone is firmly the third OS by market share at present, following Android and iOS. Some analysts reckon that Windows Phone may be second only to Android by 2015 in a world with only four major mobile platforms left: Android, Windows Phone, iOS, and BlackBerry. It's not true. According to comScore report on May 1st, 2012 More than 106 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones during the three months ending in March, up 9 percent versus December. Google Android ranked as the top smartphone platform with 51 percent market share (up 3.7 percentage points). Apple’s share of the smartphone market increased 1.1 percentage points to 30.7 percent. RIM ranked third with 12.3 percent share, followed by Microsoft (3.9 percent) and Symbian (1.4 percent). Nielsen reported on May 7, 2012 Android OS 48.5% iO