Sunday, June 30, 2013

Install Windows 8.1 Preview on VirtualBox

When I installed Windows 8.1 Preview on VirtualBox 4.2.14 hosted on Mac OS/X machine, I got this error:
“Your PC need to restart, Please hold down the power button Error Code : 0x000000C4”.

Here is a solution I found at
Open terminal windows and execute this command:
VBoxManage setextradata [vmname] VBoxInternal/CPUM/CMPXCHG16B 1
where [vmname] is your Windows 8.1 virtual machine name.

Here is my screenshot: Install Visual Studio 2013 Preview on Windows 8.1 Preview

Update on July 10: You need to the Oracle VirtualBox 4.2.16 or later to install VirtualBox Addition in order to make the full screen, shared folder and other features.

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