Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Upgrade Eclipse IDE and Android SDK

Today, a new version of Eclipse IDE and Android released. Eclipse released Eclipse Juno 4.2. It has a special package for mobile developer. Google released Android 4.1 SDK, codename Jelly Bean. I'm going update my MacBook Pro with these new software.
  1. Downloaded Eclipse Juno 4.2 for Mobile Developers, 142 MB.
  2. Extracted it to Downloads folder.
  3. Removed existing Eclipse (Indigo) folder from Application.
  4. Moved new Eclipse folder from Downloads to Application
  5. Started Eclipse and re-install Android Development Tools (ADT)
  6. On Eclipse Juno 4.2 IDE, select Windows -> Android SDK Manager to update Android SDK Tools to rev. 20 and downloaded Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  7. Create new AVD for Android 4.1 from AVD Manager
  8. Re-tested old projects to make sure they ran as expected.

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