Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Is Verizon Share Every Thing Plan Good?

Yesterday, Verizon wireless revealed a new plan to allow customers share a pool of data for up to 10 devices. Is the new plan better for a customer with five smartphones?

Verizon: CurrentVerizon: NewAT&TT-Mobile Value
2 Years$6,718.80$6,000.00$5,519.04$2,999.52
Activation Fee$175.00$175.00$180.00$175.00
Cell Phones$999.95$999.95$999.95$1,999.95
Est. Sales Tax$232.50$232.50$213.12$154.61
Total Cost$8,126.25$7,407.45$6,912.11$5,324.13
Compare with T-Mobile$2,802.11$2,083.31$1,587.980

Full retail price for Samsung Galaxy S III 4G 16GB at Verizon Wireless is $599.99, at AT&T Wireless is $549.99
Buy Google Galaxy Nexus $399 to use with T-Mobile Value Plan. Amazon Wireless sells Samsung Galaxy S III 4G Android Phone 16GB (GSM for AT&T and T-Mobile) for $649.99

Conclusion:The new Share Every Thing plan is cost less than the current plan for five smart phones. However, there is 1GB data to share between five devices. Both Verizon plans still more expensive than AT&T and T-Mobile.

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