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Compare Family Cell Phone Plans

Buy your own device without contract or a discount cell phone with 2 years contract, which one is better? Let compare three contract plans from big three against T-Mobile Value Plan Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Assume all five lines in a family account using smart phones as of April 15, 2012

For 4G Android smart phones

Verizon WirelessAT&T WirelessSprintT-Mobile Value Plan
Monthly$279.95 (1)$229.96 (2)$239.96 (3)$124.98 (4)
2 Years$6,718.80$5,519.04$5,759.04$2,999.52
Activation Fee$175.00$180.00$0.00 (5)$175.00
Cell Phones$999.95 (6)$499.95 (7)$0.00 (8)$2,999.95 (9)
Est. Sales Tax$251.87$174.35$266.00$232.50
Total Cost$8,425.57$6603.3$6,265.00$6,299.45
Compare with T-Mobile$2,126.12$303.85-$34.45

(1)Verizon Nationwide Family Share Plan: 700 minutes. Unlimited text. 4GB data per line.
(2)AT&T Nation 700 FamilyTalk w/Rollover® Minutes. Unlimited Calling and Messaging to or from any Mobile in the U.S. DataPlus 300MB for Smartphone 4G LTE.
(3)Sprint Everything Data Family 1500 minutes plan. Unlimited data, messages and calls to any mobile, anytime while on the Sprint Network.
(4)T-Mobile Family Value Plan: 1000 minutes. Unlimited domestic messages (text, picture, and video). Unlimited - Plus (up to 2GB of high speed) data. $9.99 SIM or Micro-SIM card waive for web order.
(5)Activation fee at Sprint is $36 per line. This activation fee is waive for the promotion as of April 15, 2012
(6)Two years contract price for HTC Rezound is $199. Its full retail price is $649.99. HTC Rezound has 1.5GHz dual core processor, 1GB DDR2 RAM, 16GB internal storage, 8MP camera in the back, 2MP camera in the front, and 4.3” super LCD screen, 720 x 1280, HD 720p
(7)Two years contract price for HTC Vivid is $99.99. Full price at AT&T is $499.99. HTC Vivid has 1.2 GHz dual core process, 16GB internal storage, 8MP camera in the back, 1.3MP front camera, and 4.5" qHD, 540 x 960, Super LCD with LED backlight
(8)Free Goolge Nexus S 4G for two years contract.
(9)HTC Amaze 4G sell at Amazon Wireless is $599.99.

Using iPhone 4S 16GB for all carriers

Verizon WirelessAT&T WirelessSprintT-Mobile Value Plan
Monthly$279.95 (1)$229.96 (2)$239.96 (3)$124.98 (4)
2 Years$6,718.80$5,519.04$5,759.04$2,999.52
Activation Fee$175.00$180.00$0.00 (5)$175.00
Cell Phones$999.95$999.95$999.95$3,245.00
Sales Tax$251.49$251.85$314.84$251.49
Total Cost$8,425.19$7,180.80$7,313.79$6,544.50
Compare with T-Mobile$1,880.69$636.30$769.29


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